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We at the Silent Hound would love to hear from you, what you think of the products, the service and prices. We'd also love to hear any idea's you'd like to share for a better product or a new item you'd like to see or have!

It's all custom and I can accommodate just about anything and anyone. 

Please email your much welcomed comments, questions, concerns and / or testimonials to: [email protected] or click on the 'Contact Us' tab to the left and send us your comments there! Thank you so much for your business.

Hi Diana,

I just wanted to let you know that my boyfriend really liked the walking belt and has been using it! 
Thanks again and happy new year!

Sarah, Canton, OH

Excellent friendly, professional service. The collar arrived very quickly and is very well made, I will definitely buy again. Many thanks.

Angie, UK

I have just received my second set of collars for my Galgos. They are spectacular.  Cannot wait to order my Halloween collars!!!! Diana, as usual the collars are stunning!!! If you want to pull the images of ShaneDog and Champ off facebook and post them on this website please feel free!! I LOVE YOUR COLLARS!!! The quality is above and beyond!!

Kristi E., Plano, IL

Diana, they were in the post box whenever we got home thank you, thank you, thank you, they're gorgeous. I'm over the moon they look so posh and swanky.

Sandra H., United Kingdom

Talk and Mona's beautiful collars came in today's mail!! Many thanks to Diana for making them so quickly! They are truly quality pieces of art and I cannot tell you how beautiful they are to see them in person! But FIRST, the furkids are getting a nice bath in the baby pool today (they NEED IT!) because after all, you gotta be all spiffed up for the new duds!! Purchased Bohemian Rhapsody and Taj Mahal

Kim C., Anderson, IN

Hi Diana

I received the collar and I LOVE it!  I will send you a picture with him wearing it later this evening. I'm so impressed with the strength of the construction and how well it's made - plus it looks amazing. Thank you so much!! I probably should have asked you before I did this but I've linked your website to our greyhound adoption group for everyone to have a look at. Hopefully you'll get some business from it. I've told everyone what awesome work you do. :)
Tonya R., Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada (GPAC)

Sophie received her Easter Collar and she loves it!!!! Thanks so Much she did some modeling pictures for you today! She says she is going to look Beautiful for Easter!!! The colors are Gorgeous and Sophie looks Gorgeous in the Collar. You are the Best Diana May!!!! Many Hugs and Kisses!!!!!! You made Sophie feel like a Queen!!!! 

Darlene I., Naples, FL

 Diana, we loved the cubs collar we ordered for our Frenchie, Oxford! The craftsmanship is amazing and we will definitely be ordering from you again! Thanks for finding the custom fabric to create exactly what we wanted :)

Kristina R,. North Carolina

Hi Diana I received my package today and waaaauw !!! the collars are absolutely gorgeous !!! look at my girl Sadie and my boy Casper !!! Thank you so much ! You do a great job, you'll hear from me again xxx

Sandra C.,  Halifax Nova Scotia - Belgium

Diana, received the collar and lead and it is beautiful. She will be the prettiest little girl on the block!! Thanks so much!!

Tanya A., Kansas City, MO

Hey Diana I'm just knocked out by Finn's Fabulous Collar!  He's now prepared to Razzle-Dazzle 'em at the St. Patrick's Day Parade!  The collar is simply first-rate.  Everything about it is quality!  I'm so pleased--I LOVE it, and so does Finn.  He actually sort of swaggered around on his afternoon walk!

Hilary C. of Texas

Thank you again for being so helpful and accommodating.  I will 
definitely be ordering again!  In fact...I'm already plotting which 
design Finn will be sportin' next!  You do lovely work.  Thanks!

Candy C., Westerville, Ohio


We received the collar today. It is really a great collar. Everything we had hoped for. The snap isn't as bad as the one we have in the picture we sent you. We are always careful when snapping those collars on our dogs. We sent you the check this evening. We hope to do business with you in the future. We will recommend you to some of our friends. Once again, thank you for working with us on this.

We will send a picture of Murray with his new collar here shortly. 

Ron & Irene G., Dickinson, TX   

Diana, the collars look fab on Twinkie, Ben and Adam! The Halloween colors blend in well with their coats. Silly Ben was dancing when I went to put his collar on, so he must like it!!!! 

Tanya A., Kansas City, MO

Just wanted to tell you about your wonderful collars. Cooper & Carly got skunked again a few weeks ago - of course in their new bunny collars. Carly's wasn't bad but Cooper's just reeked. Over several days, it got washed in the washer 3 times, soaked in Nature's Miracle, sprayed and dried in the sun. It finally came odor-free and only has a slight ripple in the fabric. Greyt going Diana!

Judy C., Des Plaines, IL

Aha! Katie needed a new collar! I searched out my FB friend Diana to create something special for my DoberPrincess. There were SO many lovely fabrics it was difficult to choose. I picked, ordered and in RECORD time a package was here. Katie looks totally BEAUTIMOUS now! I keep the flower for "outings" to save wear and tear on it. This collar is amazingly well made and sturdy and at the same time remarkably SOFT! Loads of compliments all the way round! I'd not hesitate to order again......Thanks so much Diana!

Susan C., Hammond, IN

We just love our bunny collars and can't wait to show them off at our Meet & Greet this Sunday.  Our furry friends will be so jealous!  They are perfectly made down to the last detail and very different.  We look fabulous!  Cooper & Carly  

Just love how my beautiful greys look!

Judy C., Des Plaines, IL

I can't say enough how much I love Diana and all the beautiful items that she creates.  She takes such pride in everything she makes. Diana has made all of Taffy's collars and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.  Thank you Diana for everything you do and all the donations that you give to help out the furbabies.

Lisa P., Round Lake Park, IL

I have to tell you...Diana goes out of her way to find what you want for a collar. I told her I was thinking of something with crowns for Henry and she searched till she found this ribbon. I love it. Earlier, she did the same thing for other collars she made me, finding a pretty daisy ribbon for my Daisy, and a tinkerbelle ribbon for little Tink. Tinkerbelle ribbon ! Now that is above and beyond ! She found a really nice one for TJ, too, who has no picture that comes to mind with his name !

Deb T., Williamsport, PA

Hi Diana 

When shopping online, you never know what you're in for and it can sometimes hold
painful lessons for those not doing their due diligence.
Nothing painful in our experience with "The Silent Hound" however, we are ecstatic.
The attention to detail Diana used with this entire transaction was amazing, from the 
secure, quality packaging to the super quick shipping and to the amazing quality of 
the two martingale collars for our two "greyt" boys Vladimir & Vitali.
Now when they are out and about getting attention (as they "greyhounds" always do) and
someone asks about their collars, I will tell them, that is thier way of showing everyone
their daddy is an Army veteran (US Army Military Police Paratrooper)
Thanks Diana, you can bet we will be back for more merchandise and will let 
everyone know where they too can get great...ooops, I mean GREYT collars.
Steve Pryor, Vladimir & Vitali Pryor, Cobden, IL
I just got my Pawkage in the mail today!! Oh my gosh, your website photos are beautiful, but in person, these collars are were even WAY MORE than I expected! I can't believe the quality and workmanship for something handmade. Your photos don't do justice to the real deal missy. The fabrics feel expensive and high is quality, (I'm a quilt maker) the colors are so beautiful and vivid, the workmanship, professional. Communication and attention to detail from finding just the right fabric colors, widths and type of collars for each of our 3 rescue dogs (a Great Dane, a Bully mix and a Schnauzer), right down to the fit, even explaining to us what to expect from a handmade collar. Packaging was carefully and professional wrapped for shipping. It's been raining so Diana put our collars, which were already in a pretty clear wrapping, doubled up in Zip-locking bag for added protection!
And if all of this wasn't enough, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I needed a rush job, we were heading out of town for a family event and wanted the fur-kids groomed and to have new collars for the trip - like - yesterday. Sure enough, Diana said she'd do her best and guess what? We received them in time! I give The Silent Hound an 16 paws up! Marley, Tyson and Sugar thank you for making them pretty, Diana - We will spread the word - The Silent Hound won't go silent, we will be back.
Becky and Roger W., Lancaster, PA

I heard about Diana from my friend Leslie who works for animal rescue where Diana had donated dog food, nylon collars and leashes this past winter. Leslie told me about Diana and her website of handmade dog stuff, selling the items to help out rescue groups when she can. Of course having a rescue dog myself, I had to at least look at her website. I spotted an adorable black collar with little pink and white flowers all over it, I knew I had to have one for my rescue boxer, Jesabela, I even splurged for the cute flower attachment and I'm so glad I did, it's so cute! Diana was so helpful, I didn't know what width to get for Jesabela so I emailed a photo of J and Diana was able to judge what collar width would work best for my girl. Spot on, the collar is perfect and so beautiful on J-baby! Thank you for all your help and for what you do to help out the homeless animals.
Kristy M., Kansas City, MO

Hi Diana, 

Just wanted to let you know that I got the collar yesterday and it looks great! I wish that I had gone with a one inch, because Gaetana (we changed her name from Wendy) is so petite, but it is not a big deal. The colors really look good on her, and it is a very good quality, well made collar. Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly, I certainly was not expecting it so soon, as I remember you saying that you had quite a few orders. As soon as I can, I want to get a K State collar for Calamity. Purple is definitely her color and it will look good on her. 

Desiree G., CO

After seeing several of material samples on Facebook from Diana May & the Silent Hound she finally hooked me with this wonderful fleur de lis pattern that I knew I just had to have for my greyhound Quixote. Diana was very helpful with getting correct sizing and materials and then I had my new collar within just a few days! I love it! It looks wonderful on Quixote with his dark brindle pattern. The gold fleur really pops out brilliantly! Thanks for all your help Diana and I look forward to more collars in the future.

Jennifer S.N., TN


Well, the ravens did it! My husband and I just got back yesterday form the Super Bowl. Can't believe we actually went! When I arrived, the collars were here - they are FANtastic. Hope that other grey owners, who are also Ravens fans, will find your site. I will happily pass on your info. Also, will send a photo soon. Wonder if you have enough fabric to make an additional flower for my second 1.5 inch Ravens collar? We may be adopting another girl. Let me know.

Karen P., CA


Pickle's and Olive look so cute in their new collars! I just love them - they're perfect (and a perfect fit)! I think they love them, too, they were so excited and prancing around in them last night. I truly believe that they know when something is “theirs” and my dogs have always loved their “necklaces”.  I’ll take a few pictures over the weekend so you can see just how cute they look. Thank you so much for doing this!! You do such a professional job, and you just can’t get these anywhere else.  And the biggest bonus of all is that you’re able to help an organization that is so close to your heart.

Diana Peck-M., Belton, MO

Can I just say, Diana went beyond the call of duty in trying to find me just the right collar fabric! I have a vision in my head so she searched for hours and countless photos before I chose just the right one. Who does this? Thank you so much for all your help we are THRILLED with our new collar! 

Hannah B., North Dakota

Love, love your collars Diana. Greyt workmanship and look greyt on the puppers. 

Cindy S., Kansas City, MO

Diana, I received the collars yesterday, and they fit perfectly!  I am very pleased with them and Hank and Piper seem to like them, too! 

Tammy W., Kansas City, MO 

I highly recommend Diana May’s beautiful collars and other accessories for fashionable dogs. Diana has an eye for interesting, unusual fabrics that will highlight your best friend’s personality. Inside each collar you’ll find a silky smooth lining to protect sensitive skin. Outside, the hardware is sturdy and bright, and the workmanship is excellent. Her attention to detail extends to the careful packaging, including a package of biscuits for the lucky dog. Diana is a passionate supporter of dog rescue, and helps me support my local rescue by creating beautiful collars that attract high bids at our silent auction. You will love Diana’s quality, originality, attention to detail and excellent customer service. 

Hilary C., Altadena, CA 

Here to give Diana a BIG shout out! Her collars are very well made in beautiful fabrics and reasonably priced. And they aren't just for greyhounds. Our Golden Retriever and 7lb "Circus" dog (mutt) look stunning in their new fall collars. Thanks, Diana

Jill Voss-M., Fresno, CA

You have some lovely items on here i love the styles and material designs. Your creative imagination is so cool xx

Anita W. Peel, Isle Of Man

I love your website, Diana. So easy to navigate and colourful. I love the greyhound ornaments and can't wait to see Houston's neckwarmer!!

Helen F., Inverkip, Scotland

Hi lady! I received your parcel and EVERYTHING exceeds my expectations! The collars are exquisitely made and the fabrics are adorable! I will be taking photos later in the day after we return from an adoption event! Thank you for my little gift too! We will be the best dressed pack on the block!


Darla D, Daphin, Alabama

I just bought 3 of the Holiday collar 'Deck the Paws with Boughs of Holly' for my gang, one with flower and 2 without. They are Beautiful!!!! Picture does not do them justice.

Cindy S., Kansas City, MO

Diana, I am so grateful to you AND the Walking Belt! Bella spotted another rabbit this morning, this time I was bent down picking up her business and didn't see the bunny, Bella darted out AGAIN after the rabbit pulling the lead from my hand AGAIN!!! she was attached to the walking belt this time and she couldn't get away!!!!! BELLA IS SAFE AND SOUND BECAUSE OF YOUR SAFE BUDDY WALKING BELT!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful product, it's truly a life saver for any sighthound owner!! WORTH EVERY CENT! I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO EVERYONE!

Jenny C - Charlotte, NC

Prissy loves her new collar and leash. We couldn't catch her brother, Elvis, to take a picture before he jumped in the pond! Grrrr....they also want to say thanks for the "treats" that were in the bag. They sure were good and didn't last long with these little "piggies". Oh yea....Prissy wants me to tell you she does NOT want to share her collar/leash with her new sister!!! Ladybug has to get her own. hint.

Brenda G.W. -  Kansas City, MO

 Diana - The dogs once again got many compliments from your beautiful visors. A lady that was there had to bring her daughter over to see the dogs in their visors and they took pictures. They were from Canada.

I also used my Safe Buddy walking belt and it was Awesome for the trip. I had 2 hounds on one side and 1 hound on the other and it worked out Greyt. Mark held the other 2 hounds. Then other times, I only had one hound on each side. I had the leash holders on each side. This is a Awesome walking belt and when I had to bend down and pick up poop I did not have to worry about the dogs getting away and Mark loved it because he did not have to worry about holding all 5 hounds and them getting tangled. The optional Snap Hook was Awesome and no it did not get in my way it was very useful. Makes it so much easier to free up your hands. Thanks Again, your items are priceless and very, very useful!!!!!!

Darlene I. - Fort Meyers, FL

Hi Diana, 

The other package arrived today.  I love the hat and collar and will take a picture of Junie as soon as possible to send to you.  The flower adornment should be perfect for Miss Holly. Hopefully it will go well with her collar.  I won't likely see her for at least a week, maybe two but will give you feedback when I do.  Thanks!
Peggy R. - Santa Clara, CA  

Dear Miss Diana,

We received our Safe Buddy Belt last week.  Gracie was so excited by the treats -- they smelled so good.  The wrapping was beautiful and the belt was beyond expectations.

However, it went right away to my best friend who has a greyhound and usually, one foster, but last week she took one more.  She leash walks her hounds and 2 works well with 2 hands, but 3 hounds is one too many for one person -- so I shared Gracie's safe buddy belt with her.

I haven't heard much from my friend, I know she is busy but no news is greyt news when it comes to things that make managing extra fosters easier -- right?

I'm thinking that GPA-Central NH will need to carry some of your Safe Buddy Belts for Foster Homes that leash walk more than 2 hounds!  I will propose that at the next staff meeting if I can :)

Until then I'm waiting to get mine back and get a picture to send to you of Gracie and me "walking" with it.  I'll send a picture of my friend walking her foster grey's too, if I can. 

We are just so happy to have found you and your products.  Safe hounds are happy hounds.

Also, the range of size means that one belt can adjust between multiple people in one family and go over summer tee's, fall sweaters, rain coats, and winter parkas.  That is a BIG PLUS in New England.  Thank you for your generous sizing ranges.

Laura (and Gracie the mixed breed hound and GPA-Central NH Chapter fosters).

Laura C. - Barrington, NH

 Hi Diana, 

The package arrived yesterday.  I LOVE the flower! It goes with 2 of her collars, the striped one I showed in the picture and a plum leather collar with conchos on it that I forgot to photograph.  So with the matching collar she will have 3 that she can wear it with!
Both dogs love the toy [Floppy Flyer Sound Blaster].  Even Phoenix has played with it and he is not into any toys!
Peggy R. - Santa Clara, CA  

Diana: I am very happy with my mini messenger bag you designed.  I had been looking for several years for the perfect bag to carry poop bags and treats on a walk and this one finally fits the bill!  It  is lightweight, sturdy, perfect size to hold all the doggy stuff plus money, keys and credit card.  Diana even went to the store to get me the perfect lining material!  Her workmanship is top notch. Love it!  The visors for the pups are very cute!  I had some difficulty getting them accustomed to them but after a few days they are doing much better.  They were a bit stiff at first and she advised me to wash them as this particular fabric had a lot of sizing in it.  That helped a lot.  My male's cap just didn't seem to want to fit his head properly so Diana asked me to send it back so she could try to rework it so it would fit better.  You don't get that kind of service everywhere!!  I would highly recommend The Silent Hound!!

Peggy R. - Santa Clara, CA 

Thanks again--The PJ's fit perfectly and the colors are great for her. She's had them on since we ripped the box open when I got home today! And she loves the toy. Thanks for making her a happy girl!

Hilary C. - Altadena, CA

Diana, thank you a million times over for my cross over bags! They are wonderful, especially the 'designer' one you made for Phoebe my Granddaughter! It is larger, as requested and in her chosen colours of purple with a fabulous lining of sparkly butterflies! Pheebs thought it was all wonderful and could not wait to parade it down town the same day! It was supposed to be for a Christmas present, but Nanna could not wait that long to give it to her! so her Christmas came early! I opted for the black and cream original size and its just amazing. Lots of pockets, beautifully made and I shall be using it for 'shopping' as well as dog walking. You are so talented and professional Diana, I would not hesitate to order from you again. Thank you so much for the Belly Band for Beau also!!! I will keep you posted on that one!!!! 

Beautifully made, Beautifully packaged from a Beautiful person. Thanks again. xxxxx

Geraldine D. - UK- Staffordshire, England


I just wanted to let you know Grandpa LOVES his new belly bands. They are his favorite! Save our measurements I will be ordering him more. I love the ornaments, just adorable. Grandpa Griff is a public figure on facebook. He is spreading the word about puppy mills and how great it is to adopt a senior pet.  We would love for you to like his page.  If it's ok we would love to tell his friends about your belly bands.

Shannon & Grandpa Griff - Overland Park, KS

Diana! I just got my fabric flower in the mail!!! I absolutely love it and so does Heiko! I took her to a GSD agility event wearing it and people went gaga over it, wanting to know where I got it. I shared your information. Thank you so much for helping Heiko look beautiful! Who says a German Shepherd cant be frilly!  I am thinking about the messenger bag to take to agility classes it seems the perfect size for Heiko's treats, clicker and bags. 

Terra E - Kansas City, MO 

OMG!!! What a COOL messenger bag Diana! It came yesterday and I had to strap it on right away! Girl it's perfect and holds just the right stuff. I love all the extra pockets! I use it to go to grocery store too. I really like the opening in the back for my doggie bags. That is BRILLIANT!! I think you have under priced these, but don't raise the price! Diana, this bag is so professional wow! For anyone reading this, I strongly recommend this cute, cute, cute, little bag, even if you don't have dogs!!! Ok, so You out did yourself on this one sweetheart <:) Thank you again!! I will email you, I'd like to order another in black like the lady below said (good idea Catherine) - only with a wild and funky lining for when I go out in the evenings, my neighbor will probably order one from you bird fee?  

Melody W. - NY 

Ladies, ladies, ladies! I purchased the MINI MESSINGER BAG, and can I tell you, it's an AWESOME little bag! I loved it so much that I ordered another one in black to take with me when my hubby and I have our date nights! What very versatile bag! Even though I bought mine before the summer sale, I'd have to say, the price point is right on spot!

Thank you Diana for this clever little bag. You've outdone yourself!

Catherine Monteleone - Boston, MA

Just recieved my house kotes and they are beautiful! The workmanship is outstanding and the fit was perfect - made to specifications. Diana is a joy to do business with.  FAST SERVICE too!!!!  I'll be back for more and highly recommend The Silent Hound!!

D. Smith - Portland Oregon 

I have purchased all her products, the boas, coats and the adorable ornaments. I must say this..... Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y products! She creates her orders like they are personal gifts and puts a lot of LOVE in them. Made well, lasts long, personal touch - I am a returning customer. THANKS DIANA!

Angela H. - Kansas City, MO

THE KOATS have arrived and they are absolutely SPLENDID!!!! I cant tell you how delighted I am with them and Beau n Bella have modelled them twice to-day! Once for me (I couldn,t get them on them quick enough) LOL! and once for Big Daddy when he came home!. Bill (BD) said how beautifully made they were (I of course agreed)!! and Beau & Bella seemed quite upset that I took them off. Just wonderful, i,m over the moon, thank you again a million times.

Geraldine D. - Staffordshire, England

 Received my magnate, koat and boa today. The kote and boa were beautifully done and fit perfectly. The boa just set off the entire ensemble. The design of the magnet with its dimensional appearance was very professionally done. My only regret is that I didn’t order several more for gifts. The workmanship in all the items was excellent, the delivery was prompt and the end product was far better than what I have found elsewhere. I definitely highly recommend your product to others. Thank you Diana for making my day.

V. Green - Kansas City, MO

The packaging alone, made me feel special. Thank you again Ms Diana, it was worth every penny I spent...I almost feet guilty that I didn't pay enough.

Debbie Jenson - Riverside, CA

Just received my belly bands. Wow, fast service and no shipping! The bands were so beautiful and packaged so lovely. I can tell Diana puts a lot of love and care into every one of her products. 

Paula K. - Kansas City, MO

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