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Striking a Pose in their Cozy-Coats 

I realize there is a lot here so please contact me if you need any help or have questions with determining what coat you need at:

 email: [email protected]

phone: 816.663.5501

*****Currently not making coats*****


Warm, cozy and oh so soft!!

Cozy-Coats are perfect for outdoors potty breaks, a romp around the back yard or an outing when there's a chill in the air (windy and temps below 45 degrees). Mine wear them while we are out and about running errands in the car on a cold Saturday morning. These Jackettes are hand crafted with one layer of blizzard fleece and a coordinating cotton lining (which reduces static cling!)

Indoor House/Sleeping-Coats are crafted with a double layer of cuddle flannel. Not only for sleeping in, they are equally wonderful for after bath time when your hound may still be a little damp, the cotton flannel helps drink up the moisture on the fur. Neck snood for House-Coats is optional (see price below).

All Cozy-Coats and Sleeping-Kotes have a stylish matching fleece collar which can be worn flipped up or down and a full coverage belly strap to keep those tummies toasty warm. Not to worry about the boys, the wide tummy strap is far enough forward and tapered in so, that the boys don't tinkle on them! Fastened with strong hook and loop closure (velcro).

IMG00223-20101106-1756 IMG00222-20101106-1755 74023_1687922795921_1173216117_1817597_4819068_n 

BELOW: THIS WINTER WALKING-KOTE - DOUBLE LAYER FLEECE  I don't make this style anylonger; however, if you want more coverage on the hind quarters and double fleece, let me know and I'll adjust the current pattern. Convo me for up-charge.

If your hound wears a harness for walks, the harness can be worn over the House-Coat with adjustments to the harness. (I have two harness' one for no coat days and one to be worn with Kotes - no adjustments made that way). 

 Cost: Coats measuring 27 to 32 inches in length

  • Cozy-Coats/Jackettes: (single layer fleece w/cotton lining)..$37.00
  • Cozy-Winter Coats (double layer fleece, full coverage over thighs and chest area-includes removable snood)...$44.00
  • Cozy-Sleeper: (double layer of soft flannel)...................$29.00 

All coats are as shown below any added goodies such as Ribbon Trim, Faux Leather, Buttons, Longer Snoods and the like will be an additiona costs for materials only, special ordered in fabrics and/or trims will have the shipping costs to me added to your coat.

 Shipping $7.95 in the US



LENGTH  A-LENGTH: Hold hounds head up, measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail - Record this measurement.

IMG00223-20101106-17561  B-CHEST GIRTH: Measure bu starting at the back around the deepest part of your hounds chest meeting at the back again where you originally started - Record this measurement.

  C chest C-SHOULDER WIDTH: Measure from behind elbow (notice vertical line), around the front of chest to the other side behind the elbow. Record this measurement.

Please email me with any questions you may have about measurements. Together, we can come up with the perfect fit and color just right for your hounds! 

How To Order: Please use the "contact us" button with order questions or email me direct at [email protected] I'm here to help and answer all your questions!

Payment Options: I accept PayPal and Personal Checks (personal checks must clear the bank before items can be crafted and shipped). If you'd like to pay with a debit or credit card, I can invoice you as a guest through PayPal and you can pay with that option as well. 

Coat Care:  First, fasten the hook and loop to avoid it from catching on other items in the washer or dryer. Wash inside out in luke warm water, with detergent and fabric softener. Dry on medium low heat in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet for about 25 to 30 minutes. If your Cozy-Kote develops static between washes, you can rub a dryer sheet to the underside of the Kote.

FLEECE PRINT COLORS - Fabrics may be limited as they change out often. If you find a particular color and pattern that I no longer have in stock, I can match something up for you that can come close. I will email you a photo of the fabric(s) prior to you ordering. Please note the fabrics below are fleece, if you are wanting a Sleeping Kote, they are made of cuddle soft flannel, let me know your color choice(s) and design and I will email you photos of your color choices.


 Custom made Winter Kotes made for customers - I don't make these double fleece winters kotes anylonger; however, if you are in need of one and don't find what you are looking for, convo me for details and prices. I can adapt the pattern above to have more hind and front end coverage as shown in these photos.



























Need a Scarf?


 Like the doggie's scarf? I can make a matching one for you too!

               20120812_140106web    SCARF

20120812_134804WEB  381850_4690173610315_504063218_n

Doggy Scarfs come with coordinating faux button and in some instances, trim.

  • SCARF WITHOUT COAT PURCHASE, LARGE BREED.......................$9.95
  • SMALL BREED WITHOUT COAT...............................................$7.95 
  • HUMAN SCARF.................................................................$14.95

Patterned Fleece Fabric - ask me to provide you with Print/color options :)



      Group S - 1         Group S - 2                Group S- 3               Group S -4 

P1290224    P1290226    P1290228   P1290227

Disclaimer: Doing business as the The Silent Hound, Diana May is not responsible for any damages or losses to property, persons or animals resulting in unsupervised and/or improper use of any of these products. Purchaser agrees to take full responsibility. 

Buyer provides seller with all hounds measurements. House-Kotes are made to order from measurements that have been given to seller. All sales are final unless there are workmanship issues, if I am able to adjust your kote because measurements were incorrect, I will do this at no charge. 

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